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no, you’re totally right. there’s no reason i should be getting child support from you. i only have our daughter 5 of 7 days a week and pay for everthing and bring you food and diapers and diaper rash cream and everything you need. i should just shut up and deal with my $200/week check and make it work and pay off my debts and my bills and buy lylah everything she needs and save up for a new place all on my own. what the fuck was i thinking when i figured you should help me out? stupid.

Most of my comrades arrived in similar states of disrepair. We did our best to conceal the worst of it, to play the part of eager newbies grateful for the opportunity to hone what we referred to majestically as “our craft.” But the crazy inevitably surfaced, under the aegis of booze or pot or some brisker narcotic. After parties, we stumbled into the night howling songs of loneliness and sorrow. At least I did.
Steve Almond, “Why Talk Therapy is on the Wane and Writing Workshops are on the Rise” (via millionsmillions)
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